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Bleeding Heart Blog’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2015

WINNER – Best Menage Book

Shifter Fates: Declan’s Descent by Laila Raimes

W - Meage

The Book

Shifter Fates: Declan’s Descent

Declan's Descent

Winner of Bleeding Heart Blog’s Readers Choice Award 2015: Best Menage a Trois

**Note-A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hope for Depression Research Foundation**

***Declan’s Descent is book 3 in the Shifter Fates Series and is Not a Standalone book***

With five pups on the way the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been. Elle has never been this stressed… This powerless.

Cole and Jaxon are as loving as ever. Nothing new there. But Declan’s changed. He’s gone from being an introvert in hiding to wanting to always be with Elle. To being possessive.. Overly possessive.

As the war heightens, and boils to the surface, so do their enemies. Tiel plays his next hand. From that point on it’s one spiral after another until the daemon blood Merged with Declan’s DNA reveals just how deep it runs.

A pregnant ‘princess,’ another kidnapping, a visit into the Unseelie Court, and a ménage a quatre are just the beginning. Read and find out what’s so different between our wolf-shifters and their daemonic counterparts the Shades.

18+ due to violence, graphic sexual situations, and language.

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The Series

Shifter Fates: Elle’s Claim

Elle's Claim



Shifter Fates: Adolf’s Request

Adolf's Request



Get the Full Series for just $3!

Other Books

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Tiny Tragedies – The Sundry Files: An Alt World Book

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The Author

Laila Raimes

Laila Raimes grew up in the Bronx and moved to upstate NY for her last year of high school-according to her: It sucked!! She now lives in upstate NY with her 11 year old son.

Laila is an indie author–except for the Alt World Series–who writes fictional characters about angst’s a female can go through from depression to abuse, and how they choose to deal with the issue and/or overcome them in a fantasy/paranormal romance setting.

Some of her works are deep or considered controversial–the Alt World Series–as they delve in detail into abuse, whereas others are meant to be lighthearted and just fun. She also has a series that is in-between.

She’s sarcastic funny & her family thinks she’s crazy for several reasons, but most recently because she told them the best chip to use as a weapon when ninja stars are unavailable are Lays potato chips–original of course. According to her, “They’re as thin as razors.” Who can argue with that logic?

Her favorite phrases are “Oh snap & Word,” and her favorite hair color is blue/black.

She hopes you enjoy her works and sincerely appreciates the time you take to leave a review. (More so if you enjoyed her work than if you didn’t 😉

Social Links

Amazon Author Page

Goodreads Author Page 


Facebook Author 


Congratulations, Laila!

Winner - Menage

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