🍺 REVIEW 🍺 Imperfect by Cherry Shephard 🍺 @CherryShephard

Cherry Shephard
Blaze of Glory
Date: October 21, 2015
US Special Forces, Staff Sergeant
Ethan Stone, lives by one mantra “fight or die”. 

The army is his life, his men are his family. So
when an injury sends him home from Afghanistan, the nightmares of what he’s
witnessed, can no longer be kept at bay. The alcohol he drowns himself in every
night only sinks him further into depression’s abyss.

Waking after one of his benders, Stone is greeted
by a tiny, knife wielding firecracker and one destroyed bar. 
Saddles, was meant to be her escape. A new start
away from an abusive relationship and a way to fulfill her daddy’s dying wish.
But all the bar has brought Shannon is debt collectors and pushy buyers
threatening to destroy her. And to top all that off one drunken, gorgeous idiot.

The last thing she needed was a handsome, angry
ex-soldier to distract her.

All he wanted, was to pay for the damages. But
when she refuses there is only one thing he can do. But when a familiar face
from his past changes everything, can they learn to work together?

Will they find salvation in each other’s arms?

5 STars

Imperfect follows the lives of Ethan Stone and Shannon Harper.  Two damaged people in their own right.  What follows is an intricately paved love story that shows you there is no such thing as damaged.

Staff Sargent Ethan Stone has seen some bad things and he’s a broken man because of it.  Finally back home, he tries to settle into normal life only to stumble into the fiery Shannon Harper.

Shannon Harper has escaped from a terrible past, and she’s unsure of entering into something else with someone as damaged as Ethan.

When things get tricky between the two, it appears there is more than just sexual tension between them, but in the end, could they be each other’s’ saviours?

She turns over in bed and I look at her,
expecting to see regret in her eyes. Instead, I see understanding. This woman,
this . . . angel, has come to me in my greatest time of need. I swallow past a
sudden lump in my throat, too overcome with emotion to speak. She doesn’t say
anything but leans over to kiss my cheek. I turn my head at the last second,
capturing her lips with my own. This kiss is different, though; it’s softer,
gentler. I nibble lightly on her bottom lip and feel her smile. Her hand travels
down my chest to the waistband of my jeans but instead of pulling them off like
I expect, her hand disappears beneath my shirt. I tense, not ready for her to
see that vulnerable side of me. I’m too scarred; she’s going to take one look
at my body and run. I grab her hand and pull it out of my shirt, but she’s felt
them. The scars. I can see the horror on her face. She’s going to leave. I
brace myself for the rejection I know is coming… But it doesn’t. I flinch as
she pushes my shirt up, exposing my scars to her gaze. The light from the lamp
casts our shadows on the wall, and I choose to look at that rather than the
horror on her face. She’s silent. Too silent. What the hell is she thinking? I
risk a glance, and my heart almost stops beating from what I see. Tears. She’s
fucking crying. For me. “I’m sorry,” she cries, wiping away her tears. I want
to fucking laugh. She’s crying for me, and apologizing for doing it. “Don’t.” I
smile, leaning up and capturing her hand in my own. I press my lips against it,
tasting the slightly salty tang of her tears on her fingers. “Why are you
crying?” “Look at what they did to you,” she whispers through her tears. “Keets
told me you were captured, but he never told me this.” Keets told her? I should
be angry, but I guess a part of me is glad she knew. It would explain why she
didn’t run the second she saw the scars. “Will you tell me?” she asks, but I
shake my head. I can’t do it. She’s opened a part of my heart tonight that I
thought would lie dormant forever. But this, this past that I come from, this
weight that I carry . . . it’s mine. I can’t burden her with it. She
understands. I don’t even have to say anything. I swallow past another lump in
my throat as she kisses the long, jagged scar on my ribs. I have a tattoo there,
covering the worst of it. I’m covered in tattoos, actually, most of them on my
chest and arms. All designed to hide the imperfect body that lies beneath them.
But she makes it bearable. Her kiss is soft, fleeting. Not enough, though.
Never enough. This time, when she tries to take my shirt off, I let her. This
time, we make love. It’s gentle, slower. I want to show her the same kindness
she’s shown me. She takes me to heights far beyond my fear and insecurities.
This time, I make love to her as Ethan, the man . . . not Stone, the injured
Cherry Shephard loves Jared
Leto, that’s no secret.
She also writes beautifully
dark erotic romance stories, focusing on honour and redemption. Her men are
dark and strong, with just enough vulnerability to make you believe you could
save them. Her women are tough, beautiful and can hold their own.
When not writing, Cherry can be
found indulging her other obsession, watching horror movies.
Cherry lives in Queensland,
Australia, with Mr. S, her three children, three cats, three dogs and 4 hermit

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