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Title: Illicit
Author: Alicia
Genre: Dark
Romantic Suspense.
Release date:
August 15th 2015.
Eternity Rivera had
a fairy tale life until one fateful night intruders stormed her home,
destroying it and her parents in their passing, leaving her and her baby sister
behind. With the help of her uncle, she soon learns that life moves on, until a
monster comes lurking into her room at night. When she finally makes the
decision to change her life for the better, Eternity is hit with another
life-altering blow. Sometimes life is cruel and unkind and kicks you up the
arse, leading you down a dark path you want nothing to do with. Sometimes we
don’t have a choice. 
Ryke Justice has
lived his life in purgatory for the last ten years, but to him, it’s just
another day in the office. They don’t call him Justice for no reason; you mess
with the boss and you’re messing with him. Justice will come and you won’t even
be expecting it. That is until an Angel finally turns his head and becomes the
envy of every girl there. She ignites his desires, stirring his black soul back
to life, but is she strong enough to withstand his monster? 
Can Eternity save
Justice from himself? Can Ryke finally give into his deepest darkest desires?
Has his monster finally met his mate? 
Choices will be
made, Justice will be served, and things are about to get hot. It’s time to go
to the dark side. 
Welcome to Illicit
Warning! This book
isn’t your typical romance. It’s dark, dirty, and dangerous. This series
contains dark subject matter, including sexual abuse, kidnapping, torture, rape
and murder. 18+ only.
This story is part of a six part series, each
approx. 50-60k words in length.

I was born and raised in the East I live with my family and mass of
animals – I’m a huge family and animal lover. Writing powerful love stories and
creating Alpha males with a dash of darkness has become a passion of mine, and
I have many stories and characters swirling in my head that I can’t wait to
share with you all. Is it weird to have so many voices in my head? I’m not
crazy, I promise… maybe a little bit. 
The Manipulation
Corrupted, book one.
Corrupted – The Manipulation Trilogy Book One
Alicia Taylor & Natalie Townson
Romantic Suspense.
I am going to marry a monster.
He is my everything.
He manipulates people for fun. He takes over their lives, consuming
them. He dominates and crushes, ruling them, claiming their souls. No one can
survive the games of Damon Hunt.
Before now. Before me.
I am Ella Knight. I am corrupted. My sister was a victim of Damon’s
games. It’s my turn to play now.  
Damon Hunt has been my sole focus, my everything for three years, since
my sister’s death. I’ll manipulate him. I’ll take over his life, consuming and
crushing him. I am going to take away his soul. Damon Hunt will not survive my
games. I will win.
I hope.
“Ella,” he rasps. “You’re gonna fuckin’ kill me.
Sweet Jesus, baby.” He closes the distance between us in two strides. When he’s
close enough, his hands grip on my hips and pull me into him. Our bodies clash,
my blood ignites. Need washes through me. Damon’s scent envelopes me, he smells
pure male. My chest heaves as I look up into his eyes, my breasts brushing
against his chest with every inhale. “I can see everything, beauty. Every
fucking thing. The rounded globes of your perfect arse, the mound of your
pussy, the dimples at the back of your knees.” His hands move down to grip my
arse cheeks. He squeezes roughly before pulling me into his hard cock. I moan
as the move hits the perfect spot. “God, I need to keep you.”
Sweeter Excerpt 
“Morning,” he whispers into my neck as he nuzzles.
I gasp at the soft stroke of his tongue on my neck. “I can smell you. I’ll have
your scent stuck in my head all day. I need a taste.” He sucks my earlobe into
his mouth as he nibbles me. “Just one taste. I have to have one taste.” The
huskiness of his desire filled voice makes my knees weak. I melt into his body,
letting the feelings he’s evoking within me take over.
Title: Warped – The Manipulation
Trilogy Book Two
Authors: Alicia Taylor & Natalie
Genre: Romantic Suspense.
I won’t be caught off guard again. I won’t let them win. They played the
first round and won. Now it’s time for me to even the score. Damon and Leona
will pay for their twisted games. Leona is first.
His touch repulses me. 
His fake affection disgusts me. 
He sickens me.
I need to get my head in the game. I need to be smart and break their
bond to more easily crush them. Damon is clever. He knows what he’s doing. He’s
been playing the game long enough.
He’s twisted. 
I’m warped.
It’s time to finally end this. 
Time to finally win.
Title: Avowed – The Manipulation
Trilogy Book Three
Authors: Alicia Taylor & Natalie
Genre: Romantic Suspense.
years ago I vowed revenge. Now I’m married with secrets, desperate to get past
set out to destroy the man I thought ruined my life. I never saw it coming when
he turned out to be the love I couldn’t live without.
was my target, now I’m determined to keep him.
he be able to get past my confessions, and forgive my actions? Will I be able
to forgive his? We’ve come too far to lose it all now. It’s time to fight for
us, fight for our happiness. 
every story is as it seems but it’s time to avow our sins.
of us.
Natalie Townson
(Co-author of The Manipulation Trilogy)
Natalie Townson is 33, a mother of one beautiful
little boy and lives in Gloucester in the UK with her Husband. Corrupted is her
debut novel that is a book one of the manipulation trilogy, that she co writes
with Alicia Taylor. Warped is book two in the manipulation series. She has had
a love of reading since a young age and her favorite authors are Sophie
Kinsella, J.S.Scott, Melody Anne and Stephanie Meyer to name a few.
Connect with Natalie
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