Release Blitz – Explicity Wyatt by H,J, Szczesiak

Release Blitz:
Explicitly Wyatt
H.K. Szczesiak
Sept 22nd
Desire. Craving. Lust. Never love.
You met Wyatt Weston in Enticing Sky, now meet Wyatt before his life was
forever changed by Skyrah.

Wyatt Weston, CEO and Business guru and a forever playboy and commitment-phobe,
Wyatt never wants to settle down. Wyatt simply has no time for relationships,
other than the ones he has with his family. Women are just too needy,
controlling and downright nagging in his mind. However, his lust for them is

Wyatt has a close relationship with his brother, Wriston Weston. Wriston has
many trials and tribulations while getting his bar Bottoms Up ready for the
grand opening. See how Wyatt handles the disarray that is brought into this
life due to Wriston.

Explore the Weston brothers and who they were prior to meeting them both in
Enticing Sky.




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