⚡ Outlaw Series by Karina Kantas ⚡


Cover Reveal


In Times of Violence

“It’s about love, respect and the feeling of belonging.”

Jade’s infatuation with Marcus, head of the Tyrants, leads to a dangerous situation.

‘I was able to see part of myself with the decisions they made.’

‘Excellent storyline, riveting read.’


‘It’s amazing. I love the rawness of it.’



Sofi thinks she can walk into an outlaw MC and kill the president. But once she enters the wolves’ den there is no escape.

Love and revenge entwine in this raw emotional thriller.


‘Absolutely loved this book.’


‘A gritty story of revenge.’


‘Sad when it finished. It left me wanting more.’


Lawless Justice

Time for the boys to ride bitch.

These Kittnz have claws!

Six empowering women that own the night.

‘A story like you’ve never read before.’


‘This book goes to work kicking ass.’


‘Violent, sexy, moving.’


Road Rage


Gem learns too late that the sponsored racing club, RAGE are no different to the outlaw MC she escaped from.

 ‘A thrilling nerve tingling ride.”


‘This book doesn’t slow down. Detailed and colourfully twisted.


“Vivid and captivating. The sex and violence just adds depth.’



Karina Kantas is a freelance writer, VA and author of seven books. Originally from the UK, she now lives on the island of Corfu in Greece.

With a background of rock music, bikes and having an outlaw ego, it was only time before she wrote her first MC thriller.

Fast forward 20+ years. She has over thirty publications, 7 books and an international fan base.

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