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Blog Tour:

Love Story

of a Reaper




Sept 3rd

– Sept 10th


What would you do if you found out that you weren’t like

everybody else?


That you were special but only in a way that no one could find out about? 

What lengths would you go to prove yourself to your family? 

A family that you didn’t know you had?

Kymber was moving through life, with a part time minimum wage job and few friends.

She was different from other people, and they treated her that way. She was

happy with her life, though. Until the day she met Kheelan. That is when her

life was turned upside down. She finds out that she isn’t even human, and that

a family, she wasn’t aware she had, needed her to complete a mission.

As Kymber and Kheelan’s adventure progresses, will their focus on business

remain professional? Or will their growing passion take over?



Elvira Bathory is a succubus who preys on the strongest of

men. In her 35 years on this Earth, she has seen some of the most carnal acts

of passion committed by man, some she has caused herself. Having spent so much

time consuming the energy that came from other couples enjoying each other’s

company, she decided that it was time for her to enjoy someone’s company on a

more permanent basis. Traveling the world, she chose to settle in a small town

in the state known as New Mexico. Still in search of that perfect man, she

spends her nights inventing him from her mind onto the pages of her steamy

erotic stories.




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