★ Cover Reveal – Speak by Eden Rose ★

is Audrey’s brother. You know, the hot one that is over protective? He has
every right to be over protective especially after everything he has been
through. However, does he really think that will work with Liz?
Liz is
Audrey’s best friend and runs into Garrett at the sex club that she frequents.
This is just not a free spirited girl. No, she doesn’t believe in titles and is
enjoying sleeping with women and men. How is that going to work with the rules
and regulated Garrett?
A few
chance encounters and now Garrett finds himself in Liz’s room with her friend,
Jerry. Jerry isn’t too excited to share her time with Liz, but is willing to
try it. After everything is said and done, is Liz going to be able to decide
what and who she wants?
isn’t going to want to share Liz’s attention even if its with a woman. Can he
convince her that he can be what she needs, and only him?



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