★•**•.★ Release – Smolder by Kate Benson ★•**•.★ @katebensonauthor

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Smolder #2

Ignite Series

Kate Benson

Synopsis for Smolder by Kate Benson

Copyright © 2015 Kate Benson

Two years after a misunderstanding pulls free-spirited Addison Greyson from tenacious Zeke Turner’s life, fate finds a way to give her back.

Not all reunions are simple, though.

Between a sordid arrangement she made to save her father, the secret she vowed to keep and her twisted new reality, Addie returns to Zeke a different girl.

When their attraction to each other proves too much to deny, they reunite in secret, rekindling their long lost love in the shadows. Their feelings ignite
into something more and staying apart is no longer an option.

Fighting to stay together when it seems the whole world wants them apart won’t be easy.

They soon realize it never was.

Will giving into the desires that smolder beneath the surface be the one thing that saves them?

Or will they find out the hard way that some things are best kept secret?

Smolder is the second and final anticipated installment in The Ignite Series. It is full-length and multi-POV


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Facebook Release Day Party

Saturday, July 25

at 11:00am – 11:00pm


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