★•**•.★ Tour – Unravel Me by Ann Montgomery ★•**•.★

Caleb Hunt and Alexandria Spencer met and fell in love under the willow trees of a beautiful Georgian campus.
But just as they are settling into their relationship they are thrust out of their cocoon and into the big city of London, Caleb’s home town.
Now Alex has to learn how to deal with dating an Earl in his world and finding her place in his aristocratic family.
With their relationship already being stretched to the limit, a new mystery surfaces that threatens to pull them even further apart.
Danger is closer than either can imagine and when it’s all over their worlds will be changed forever.
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Ann Montgomery is a student and dance mom by day and a writer sometimes all through the night. Being a big reader all her life eventually drove her to write and, now that she’s started, she wants to write in all genres. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, two kids, a fluffy black cat, and a little Yorkie, and loves spending time with them whenever possible. She is passionate about many things like photography, traveling near and far, simplifying, and loving life.

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